General rules

  • You must be in possession of your membership while angling (Including EA licences)
  • A 5mph speed limit is in place at all times while driving around the complex
  • Gates MUST be kept locked 
  • All swims are to be left litter free & all rubbish must be taken home with you
  • Maximum of 3 rods per angler or 2 rods per angler when doubling up in a swim.
  • 2 rod limit on Castle Lake
  • 4 rods are permitted on the Ocean and Road & Island (4th rod permit & the correct Environment Agency Licences must be purchased)
  • Dogs must be kept under the owner's control at all times
  • Members under 16 must be accompanied by an adult member when fishing
  • Country Park bylaws must be abided by, including, but not limited to, no swimming, no drones, and no fires
  • No Bait Boats, except Road & Island, anyone found compromising fish safety will be banned
  • Rowing Boats are permitted on the Ocean & Road & Island. Permission must be granted by the fishery team upon production of 3rd party insurance details, boating ticket must also be purchased.
  • Your water is half way between you and the swim next/opposite you (some swims have different boundary’s please ask a bailiff if you are unsure)
  • No wading
  • No cutting back of vegetation
  • You are permitted to leave your swim while fishing for up to 1 hour (for example, to pop to the shops) please let a bailiff know,  rods must be reeled in and baits taken off rigs. Note any equipment is left at your own risk.
  • Abusive behavior will result in a ban
  • Alcohol to be used in moderation, you will be asked to leave the complex if you're not deemed fit enough to be on site (alcohol is not permitted when using a rowing boat)
  • Maximum stay of 72 hours between 1st March & 30th November, with a 48-hour break in-between, between 1st December & 28th February you must move swims after 72 hours.
  • Please note you are fishing in a Country Park which has to be shared with a range of other park users and dogs. Please respect other users and don’t give angling a bad name.

Fish care

  • Metal framed cradles and flat mats are not permitted 
  • Soft sided cradles ONLY minimum of 1 meter in length (please ask for approved list of cradles if unsure)
  • Suitable landing nets, min of 42 inches
  • All landing equipment must be bone dry before use on the complex
  • Carp care kit to be carried at all times and used on every fish
  • Fish must be transported from the lake to the cradle in a suitable sling
  • Rods must be attended at all times
  • Retaining fish maximum of 30 minutes. We do ban retaining fish in warmer months so please watch out for messages regarding this
  • Fish are to be safely returned back to the lake which you caught it from within a timely manner
  • Zig fishing is permitted between the months of 1st October and 1st June (weed permitting)
  • Please ensure all landing equipment is set up and ready to use, this will minimize the time fish need to be retained for

Bait rules

  • No artificial baits, including foam
  • Particle must be properly prepared and will be inspected by bailiffs
  • Ground bait to be used in moderation
  • No nuts in whole form, crushed nuts only

End tackle

  • No lead core
  • Leaders are permitted
  • Helicopter rigs ONLY when fishing with leaders
  • No fixed leads
  • Braided mainline is permitted
  • Line must be a minimum of 0.35 diameter and a minimum of 15lb breaking strain while Carp fishing
  • The 360 rig is banned (Ronnie/spinner rigs are fine)
  • No long shank curve hooks
  • Micro barbed hooks only
  • Naked chod systems are not permitted
  • Minimum of 2 feet of tubing or leader material must be used, no naked style fishing

Boating on Ocean & Road & Island only

  • Rowing boat ticket must be purchased 
  • You must supply us your 3rd party insurance details by email before use (Insure4 Boats, Mead Sport & Leisure LTD to name a few).
  • On site induction must be passed and relevant paperwork signed 
  • Life jackets to be worn at all times while on the water.
  • Only 1 angler permitted per boat.
  • Time in a boat must be kept to a minimum and ensure it doesn’t interfere with other anglers or concessions, eg. water sports.
  • During the hours of the water sports center being open, boats can only be used for baiting up, dropping rigs and freeing snagged fish. Meaning rowing to your spots, dropping your rig/ bait and straight back to shore.
  • No H blocks are allowed.
  • During the hours of darkness boat use is only permitted for freeing snagged fish.
  • Suitable/ adequate boats can only be used. If the fishery team doesn’t deem your boat is suitable you will not be able use the boat on site.
  • Outboards are not permitted, rowing only.
  • Prior to boating on the Ocean, you must inform the onsite waters sports center you will be out on the water with your location, this can be done in person or by calling 01634 246006, this only has to be carried out when the water sports center is open.
  • Use of a rowing boat is forbidden when events are taking place on the Ocean such as Triathlons.
  • Please respect neighbouring residents and be mindful of their privacy. Do not point head torches/laser pens into their properties.
  • Access is not permitted onto any islands unless in an emergency 

Predator Rules

  • Please note these rules are to work alongside our general rules and bylaws, please ensure both sets of rules are read before fishing.
  • Our pike fishing season is 1st October to 14th March
  • A maximum of 4 rods can be used if 4th rod ticket is purchased, 2 rods for junior members
  • An immediate strike rule is in place – delay in striking will only guarantee you a deep hooked fish

Fish Care

  • Correct unhooking equipment to be used at all times– a large landing net (minimum 42” or larger) and large unhooking mat minimum 39” or larger with sides and long forceps – No gags to be used
  • No pike to be sacked – all fish must be returned ASAP
  • Never weigh a fish by the gills, use a net or weigh sling
  • When moving fish to and from the water, use a landing net or zipped unhooking mat at all times; never carry the fish unsupported even for short distances
  • When returning fish after capture, please support the fish in the water giving it plenty of time to recover before releasing it

Tackle/ Bait

  • Suitable tackle to be used, i.e. carp or pike rods 3 lbs tc – the use of sea tackle is not permitted
  • Lines must be a minimum of 15lb – braided lines may be used provided that it’s a minimum of 30lbs breaking strain
  • Wire trace system 25 lbs or above to be used at all times
  • Semi barded treble hooks or single hooks, no larger than size 4 – barbed hooks must be completely flattened
  • An up-trace must be used when float fishing or using a paternoster rig. This must be longer than the main trace.
  • All spinners and lures must be fully barbless with hooks no larger than size 2 – all barbs must be fully flattened
  • When using double hook rigs, the hooks should not be more than 3” apart and no larger than size 4
  • Live bait and freshly killed dead baits are allowed to be used up to 6 inch in size
  • Sea dead baits are allowed to be used
  • No live baits from other waters to be brought onto the fishery – anyone found bringing live bait onto the fishery will have their ticket revoked. 

The rules are in place to safe guard the fishery and its members; we reserve the right to give out instant bans & instruct you to leave the complex immediately if you are found breaking any laws or rules.

Please note we operate on invite only, meaning your membership is not automatically renewed. We reserve the right to decline your membership application, this includes for boat permits.

Members of SWS enter the fishery at their own risk. SWS Fisheries Limited will not be held accountable for any stolen or damaged goods. Our risk assessment is available to view on our website – https://swsfisheries.co.uk/terms-and-conditions/risk-assessment/ . We take derogatory behaviour extremely seriously; this includes on all social media platforms. Feedback can be provided to us via email.

We reserve the right to close the complex, lakes or swims at any time.

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