Castle Lake

Like all of the waters within the SWS portfolio, Castle Lake is steeped in history, but has gone under the radar for the last 30 years.

The lake was first run as a fishery in 1954 by Alders Angling Club, but was given up many years ago and since then has unfortunately been subject to abuse.

This intimate venue is thriving with life and is situated predominately within a sycamore woodland. The lake is approximately 6.7 acers in size, we are lead to believe is spring fed and has depths of between 3 and 7 feet. The lake does also get very weedy in the summer months, making a superb eco system for our stock to thrive in.

After carrying out a fish stock survey, we identified that we have a good head of large bream & tench, with around 90 carp present weighing up to 32lbs.

Originally, Castle Lake was a part of its neighbouring water, before the two were separated for the development of the M20 motorway. The lake can be found behind the Castle Lake pub, off junction 4 of the M20 towards Leybourne.

The site has recently been taken over by a local authority, SWS Fisheries have secured a long lease on the lake and have grand plans to turn this quirky little water back into a premier mixed course fishery, filling a gap in the local area for this style of angling.

The Castle Lake Ticket will be available in the near future, please keep an eye on our website and social media platforms for the ticket release date, which can be purchased via the website.