Conservation Lake

If you are looking for peace and tranquillity from your angling, this is the water for you.

The Conservation Lake is the latest venue to be added to the expanding SWS portfolio. Located within the Leybourne Lakes Country Park, it was created as a wetland back in 2000 for wading birds, but soon turned into a lake after several water main bursts.

The makeup is quite quince, being 4.5 acres in size, with most of the lakes depth between 3 to 4 feet, it has many humps and bars, silty gullies and a clay bottom. Both ends of the lake host large reed beds which can be fished up to.

Conservation Lake is home to a mix of silver fish, tench & 100 carp weighing up to high 20's.

We have created a waiting list for Conservation Lake with the aim to run our season starting on the 1st April 2024. The lake will be set up as a member’s only venue which is fenced off and kept under lock and key. Spaces will be offered out to people who are on the waiting list with ticket prices in the very near future.

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