The Larkfield Complex

Larky 2

Currently home to the biggest carp on the complex, this is the venue to fish if you're looking for a 50lb+ common to add to your photo album.

The 18-acre gravel pit is a carp anglers' paradise, with snags, islands, gravel bars, depths of 18+ feet & shallow reed lined areas.

In January 2023 80 new carp were introduced, bring the overall stock back up to 120. Since then we have seen superb growth rates with multiple carp being caught at over 20lbs.

As well as having the complex record carp at just under 54lbs, Larky 2 also holds the biggest recorded tench within the four lakes, weighing just over 14lbs.

The Railway

What is considered by many as one of the most famous waters in the South East, The Railway has featured in countless books over the years and has seen some of the best anglers in the country on its banks.

This iconic 10 acre lake has depths of 30 feet, savage gravel bars and big weed beds packed full of natural food in the summer months.

We estimated there were between 15 and 20 carp left from the original stocking which took place back in the 1970’s. This led us to prioritise our stocking program of 60 carp in January 2022, just two months after signing the lease.


The Ocean

One of the most mysterious waters in the valley, The Ocean is a 45-acre gravel pit which is the main lake in the country park.

Not a venue for the faint hearted, the lake is shared by the general public and a water sports centre, putting plenty of challenges in place for our members. 

The Ocean has depths of 30 feet in places and gets very weedy in the summer. The lake has had a dwindling stock for many years, which saw us introduce 100 new carp in November 2023, securing the future for this special water.

We strongly believe this may also be the best tench and pike water in the area, with our tench members having hits of a life time, and our predator anglers bagging multiple mid 20lb pike in a season.

Given the size of the Ocean, we permit anglers to use up to 4 rods and use rowing boats to fish from.

Road & Island

If you’re looking for a venue to test your angling ability, look no further.

This 35-acre underwater forest is home to some of the biggest fish across the complex with carp recorded over 40lbs. A venue which you need to do your homework on and when fished right, can result in captures of a life time.

The lake is made up of two parts, the industrial side and the country park side, both are accessible, with the far margin, known as the housing bank, being out of bounds.

Bait boats, rowing boats and up to 4 rods are permitted on the Road & Island, providing fish safety is put first.

The Larkfield Complex has a waiting list in place. Please follow the link to be added to the list, if you know any members of SWS Fisheries please ask them to put your name forward by emailing us

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